Fathom the flavour of joie de vivre

The day starts with delicious croissant for breakfast at C’est la vie, a quaint French cafe, then you head for a multi-sport mini tournament with your family, followed by a screening of a French film.

As soon as the film ends, a delicious lunch buffet awaits you at the glamourous roof terrace restaurant. Just when you thought you’ve had enough joie de vivre, wait, there’s an exciting game of Petanque tournament.

In the evening, you get initiated into the intimate art of wine tasting, just after a makeover with a cherry brown aura. And viola! you are so ready to let your hair down at the French rock concert giving you a chance for a Chanson. Not to forget the romantic fusion gastronomic dinner at the ‘pink’ restaurant.

And you are definitely not in France. The Celebrate France festival in the City will give you the experience of full throttle French culture, without stepping outside homeground.

Hosted by the Seven Hotel and the Alliance Franciase, this festival will be on till June 14, an opportune time for the denizens of the City to get pampered the ‘French’ way.

The festival includes sports, films, food and even children’s activity. Says Jean Yves Hardy, the Director of Seven India Hospitality, “this is a unique festival to immerse into the French culture.  French fashion and French food are globally renowned, but during this festival, we wanted to bring out the lesser known aspects of French traditions and culture, like the Pentaque tournament, and even a French-cooking lesson so that you are not only tasting the French culture, but celebrating it.”

The event will be held at the Seven Hotel, Alliance Franciase and the Decathalon playground, where the sports activities will be held.

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