Carrying on the tradition

Carrying on the tradition

family business

Carrying on the tradition

Old employees, colleagues and long standing customers will often describe the parent as creative, resourceful, powerful and path breaking, constantly reminding the successors that they indeed have big shoes to fill.

 The parental image usually permeates not only the business but the family and the community as well.

So in a world brimming with choices and opportunities, do young people really choose to follow in their parents' vocational footsteps or prefer to strike out on their own? And why?

Coming from three generations of restaurateurs, Sujith Koshy has joined a hotel management school and feels that he can bring a fresh perspective to a hallowed family tradition with professional training.

“I grew up hearing stories and anecdotes about the way my grandfather started the business and how it evolved to become an integral part of the City’s foodscape. I am currently studying hotel management which will be far more useful than a broad based B Com certificate,” he says, adding, “there is so much scope with a well-recognised brand that expanding and taking it to the next level should be an interesting challenge.”
The Kincha children Neha and Prateek were probably given calculators and ledgers to play with as babies instead of toys. Practically, every member of their family, going back three generations, is a Chartered Accountant. “We are accountants in every sense of the word. Passing our C A exams is really not an option but a rite of passage in our family. My dad, Padamchand is a great role model and I was constantly inspired by his work ethic, his extensive knowledge and the way his clients hold him in high-esteem,” says Neha.
She will be completing her final exams soon while her brother Prateek, a first year B Com student in St Joseph’s, also plans to become a Chartered Accountant.

 Kavya Srinivasan is an only child who grew up in a corporate environment in every sense of the word. “My mother teaches Human Resources at IIMB and my dad is the managing director of a company. Everybody expected me to go into Commerce or Management  but I chose Arts stream instead. I want to join the Humanities and Economics stream at IIT Chennai,” she explains. Passionate about human rights and the environment, Kavya, is a second PUC Christ College student raising awareness on the ‘Nuclear Liabilities bill’ which is currently being hotly debated in Parliament. “My ultimate goal is the United Nations. I want to make a difference to the world and eventually become  part of a decision-making body that helps regulate the environment and monitor human rights,” she says.

Errol Rebello comes from a long line of planters and says that following the family tradition is a natural career choice for him. “As a young planter, exposed to global trends and practices, I can bring a fresh and innovative perception to the tried and tested way of life. Having a management degree will also help streamline old methods and up the efficiency quotient. Learning from my father is very rewarding while integrating principles and theories of management into it will be a challenge I look forward to taking on,” he says.