For all seasons

For all seasons

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For all seasons

Khadi is timeless. Usually associated with politicians, the fabric has draped many people across different strata. It has a charm that is unmatched.

Designer Chandrashekhar tells Metrolife that the reason khadi is a must in every Indian’s wardrobe is because it helps connect back to our roots. The fact that it is hand woven and not machine-made makes it all the more beautiful to possess and wear, says he. “Wearing a khadi not only reminds you of history but also you feel the empathy and the soulfulness of the garment,” adds Chandrashekhar.

Now that we’re in the thick of summer, what better way to beat it than by slipping into a khadi outfit. “It’s light and easy to handle. And an apt choice for the summer. Khadi is something that is so much part of all of us that just wearing it makes us feel inclusive of our surroundings,” explains Chandrashekhar.  

The flexibility of the garment can be seen through the many shapes and sizes it has gone through. It has stood the test of time. “It can be moulded into any form. One can go from khadi kurtas, shirts to skirts, tops and kurtis,” he adds. Due to its timeless factor, Chandrashekhar says that there are no ‘trends’ when it comes to khadi. “And what’s really interesting is that one has a choice of either going in for really high end garments or picking up a really low-cost one,” he adds.

When it comes to kurtas, shirts and kurtis, Chandrashekhar suggests that simplicity is the way to go. “Keep it plain and simple. If you want, experiment with very little detailing. For instance, a beautiful button can give the garment a whole new look. Try and avoid embroidery,” he suggests. One can also experiment with various kinds of buttons that are available in the market. “You have interesting ones made out of coconut shells which are great for khadi shirts,” he says. As for kurtis and tops, Chandrashekhar gives one an option of experimenting with a lot with geometrical shapes. The transparency of the garment gives scope to layering as well. Layering the khadi with other fabrics gives the outfit a different look. For the day, one can pair the khadi with denims or cotton trousers. For an evening out, Chandrashekhar says, “Team up your kurta with formal pants, a skirt. Even a nice sari would look nice.”

There are several innovations and experiments taking place with khadi which is at times blended with jute, cotton, linen and silk to create a luxurious feel. But Chandrashekhar says one should try and retain khadi in its pure form. As for colours, “There is nothing better than a pure white or off white,” he adds.

An apt choice
Joseph, a student, says he is most comfortable in a khadi kurta — an item which makes him feel like an Indian. “It’s one fabric we can call ours. Just wearing the garment gives me a patriotic feeling,” he adds. Explaining that a khadi shirt is an apt choice for both college and formal wear he says, “The nice thing about khadi shirts is that you can wear it on any occasion and any weather,” he says and adds, “I generally team it up with jeans but if it is a more formal atmosphere I do go in for jeans.”
While Joseph is not really picky about colours, he does go in for more pastel shades, “They are great to beat the heat right now,” he adds.