A model organic village in Koppa

A model organic village in Koppa

The farmers were depending on chemical fertilisers for their crops like areca, paddy, cardamom, coffee, pepper and vanilla earlier. After the organic mission was implemented, they have gone for organic manure, which has opened a new chapter in their life.

As many as 105 small families in Abbigadde, Addada, Halugaru, Kodige, Chowki, Kolehalsu, Nuggimakki, Nagalapura and Sigadalu come under the project. Apart from the Agriculture Department, the volunteers of Prabodhini Vidyasamsthe are involved in realising the dream of this organic village.

Apart from the traditional crops, the farmers also grow vegetable, ajola, etc. According to farmers, the crop diseases have decreased in the recent years. They are also of the view that the soil fertility has increased, while contamination of water has been controlled.

The project guides the farmers in using organic manure and good quality seeds. Financial assistance have been given to construct a total of 9 vermi compost units, 145 compost units, four bio-digest and 16 agri ponds. Training has also been imparted on bee-keeping, poultry and pisciculture. A total of nine groups of farmers have been constituted. Each group consists 9-12 members.

Bangalore-based Organic Certification Agency has given ICI certitification to a total of 45 villagers after inspecting their method of organic farming.

A Savayava Krishik Sangha has been established and arrangements are being made for value-addition of products and their marketing. The village now has got a ‘Savayava Grama’ board.