All is not lost

The BJP no doubt is in a confused state but all is not lost. The BJP in fact is the only party which has internal democracy. But its leaders Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitely spat in public did damage its reputation and Varun Gandhi's vitriolic against muslims too cost it dearly. Its Hindutva plank cannot get votes since there is no exclusive Hindu vote bank.

And the hard core Hindutva which the RSS advocates may not sustain for long. Nor could it pursue exclusive politics dictated by the RSS. The RSS doubtless is a selfless patriotic organization but its agenda cannot be implemented by the BJP as a political party.

The trouble is, the RSS can neither turn into a political party nor does it allow the BJP to mange its own affairs. In the present coalition era, the BJP has to win over allies.

Therefore the BJP should stick to the development plank alone a la Modi in Gujarat sans hawkish Hindutva and dissensions within the party.

Korattur, Chennai-80

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