Police to launch text message service on status of complaints

Police to launch text message service on status of complaints

“Complainants will only have to send an SMS to a specific number, complete information about the case concerned will be provided. Further, information about cases pending before the court will also be made available,” City Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari said at the Complainants' Day programme organised at Cubbon Park police station on Sunday.

The service will be launched either on August 15 or before November 26. Officials concerned will attend to grievances of the public and provide updates about the case concerned on third Sunday of every month, Bidari added.

He however, has a word of advice to the citizens as well. “Don't bring your personal, family, and minor disputes to the police station. If people approach the police in such cases, it's only they who will be put to hardship,” he said.

The people have been requested to provide more details, if any, about their cases and co-operate with the police.

On the occasion, a total of 120 complainants obtained information about their cases registered in the central division of Bangalore City police.

As part of the police’s initiative to make their work more transparent, the Complainants’ Day is observed third Sunday of every month. Aggrieved people can seek information about the progress of their complaints. For instance, details about the arrest of the suspect and filing of the charge sheet can be obtained by visiting the police station concerned. The Day's significance is further enhanced as the officers concerned may or may not be present when complainants visit the police station on other days.