Power plays of nature

While lion stocks are falling dramatically everywhere, at Khwai they remain in abundance. The show Mad Mike And Mark journeys down the river in a Mekoro pole. It is the end of the dry season and the animals have been driven into the river as the last remaining water source, and therefore come into much closer proximity to the other species. As predator and prey share the same drinking holes, Mad Mike And Mark have the opportunity to examine the power plays of nature.

Mad Mike And Mark airs on May 18 at 9 pm on Animal Planet.

Delicious Chinese recipes

The idea behind Kylie Kwong : Simply Magic is to offer more delicious recipes, but with an important twist — only Chinese recipes and only ingredients readily available at the local supermarket.

Each episode contains a sequence from one of Kylie’s live cooking demonstrations, for an audience of food fans and trainee chefs on location. Kylie sparks off this lively and responsive audience and shares her secret with the viewers : that the dishes that are enjoyed in Chinese restaurants like sweet corn and chicken soup or fried rice, can be made easily and quickly at home.

The programme airs on May 18 at 10 pm on Discovery Travel and Living.

Detective with a disorder

Star World presents the exciting eighth season of Monk every Monday to Thursday at 11 pm. Adrian Monk (Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub) is a highly gifted detective whose career has been jeopardised by his overwhelming fear of germs, crowds, small places, and almost everything else. Monk’s disorder was triggered by the murder of his beloved wife, Trudy. Ordered to take a leave of absence from the police department, Monk hires a nurse (Bitty Schram) who helps him try to get reinstated on the force, and in the process, becomes an unlikely Dr Watson to his Sherlock Holmes.

Ted Levine plays Captain Stottlemeyer — a highly decorated detective who will never be as good as the illustrious Monk and it drives him crazy.

When the police department find themselves unable to crack a high-profile case, they have no choice but to bring back the only man for the job — phobias and all. Watch Monk to get your daily dose of crime, mystery, drama, detective instincts and comedy.

Encounter creepy creatures

Watch Eight Legged Freaks on May 18 at 9 pm on HBO. The movie stars David Arquette, Kari Wuhrer, Scarlett Johansson and Scott Tera. An unusual chemistry begins to brew between a town’s residents and the local wild life when a chemical spill turns the town’s spiders into giant creepy crawlies, dying to make the townpeople’s skins crawl.

Guess the only thing the residents of this rural mining town will be excavating will be their bodies if they don’t do something about these pesky arachnids.

The town sheriff assemblies an A-list team of misfits to take care of the bug problem.