For, it has turned out to be a model gram panchayat where all the panchayat members, cutting across party affiliations, work hand in hand. What’s more, the gram panchayat has won the Google award.

The GP has shown that if all members work together, they can indeed make a difference. Over the last five years, Rs eight crore has been spent on development of the panchayat. Out of the Rs 2.17 crore-grant released by the Suvarna Grama Yojane, funds have been channelised towards roads, drains and other development work. A drinking water purification unit has been set up as part of the Rs 25 lakh released under the Jala Nirmala Yojane, funded by the World Bank. Also, as part of the Employment Guarantee Scheme, Rs 59 lakh has been spent on schools, playgrounds and roads.

Most of the roads in the village are in good shape. Drains have been constructed alongside most of these roads. Community toilets have also been built. The primary health care centre here is under construction.  What’s more, the village has an ambulance and a community hall. Shiraguppi has grown by leaps and bounds. The Google award has been given to the Gram Panchayat for its efficient implementation of the rural water supply scheme. Water supply to the village has been provided by way of laying pipes from the Krishna river. 

The water purification unit built here is cleaned on alternate days. The panchayat has spent Rs two lakh on an annual basis for the drinking water project. Shiraguppi has as many as 2290 houses. Taps have been installed in as many as 1335 houses.  
Meters have been installed to these taps.  The water charges are collected on the basis of the how much water is used by each family. The panchayat has earned an income of Rs seven lakh thanks to the water charges, explains Secretary K S Sharath Kumar.
The population of the Shiraguppi gram panchayat is about 10,000. The literacy rate of the village is 96 per cent. As many as 70 self-help groups function here. The panchayat has a pre-university college, three high schools, six primary schools and nine anganawadi centres under its limits.

There are bank branches including the district co-operative bank in the village. The gram panchayat also has several committees to look after the employment guarantee scheme, clean water scheme and a range of such projects.

The working of the gram panchayat has also been fully computerised. Shiraguppi was recommended for the award six months ago. After Google authorities inspected the village, and were impressed with the development, they announced the award.
The village has 64 huts. Plans are afoot to ensure that the village doesn’t have these huts, and instead have proper houses, according to Secretary Sharath Kumar.
Manjunath Bhat

Sir M V’s vision
The Markonahalli reservoir was Sir M Visvesvaraya’s vision and not as mentioned in the article titled ‘Markonahalli: Dewan Purnaiah’s vision’ in the Spectrum pages dated May 11, 2010. We regret the error.