Men in pink? Not us!

Men in pink? Not us!

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Men in pink? Not us!

Do you want to irritate a guy? Simple — just mention the word ‘pink’ to him and he is sure to go red in the face! Or even better, gift him a pink t-shirt or cap to see him fuming. But on a serious note, pink has always been described as a feminine colour. So much so that most guys hate to even admit that they own a shirt or an accessory in pink.

Even studies have shown that women prefer pink more than men. But of late, many male celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham have sizzled in pink. So what is it about pink that repels a common man? Metrolife speaks to a few City-based boys to find out. Some guys this reporter interacted with, were even shy to reveal that they wear pink!

Vineet Halkatti, a client service executive, owns a semi-formal pink shirt. However, he refused to send a photograph of him wearing it! “I don’t really like pink but I liked this shirt when I saw it. When I tried it on, it looked good on me. So I ended up buying it.” He adds, “But if you ask me to buy another pink shirt, I will probably say no.”

According to him, pink is a tricky colour for guys to wear. “Some guys carry it with elan while some just fall flat.” But he is quick to add that he finds girls extremely attractive in pink. “A girl in a light pink dress is surely going to catch my eye, especially if she is in a pink salwar,” he exclaims.

Varun Gupta, an accounts executive, wears pink often and is quite comfortable in it. “I think I look good in pink so I wear it often. I am not bothered about pink being a masculine or feminine colour. I wear whatever looks good on me. The overall look and feel of the garment is what matters to me.” He adds, “I feel those boys, who feel pink is girly, are unable to accept who they are. But I like to be myself.”

Vardhan Dugar, a student of M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology finds pink extremely feminine. “I don’t hate pink but it’s not really my favourite colour either. It looks nice on girls but on guys...,” he has no comments. “But maybe it’s more of my mindset. There are guys who can carry pink well but I probably can’t. I know pink doesn’t suit me.” So which colour suits guys best according to him? “Anything but pink,” is his reply.

Popular designer Ramesh Dembla feels pink is totally in and looks cool on men. “Take a look at any fashion magazine these days, you will see men wearing pink,” he says. “It’s always been a pre-conceived notion that men prefer blue while girls like pink.

 But it’s hightime we come out of that image.” He feels many men are opting for pink these days, especially a darker shade of it. “I have designed pink clothes for many male actors and models. It’s a nice colour for summer as well,” he notes. Are the Bangalore boys listening?