About deceptive decisions

About deceptive decisions

Dark drama

About deceptive decisions

Despite the heavy rains that lashed the City in the evening, many people turned up to watch this drama. In spite of a simple script and slow story pace, the play was able to hold the attention of the audience as the young generation could connect to its contemporary issues.

The play revolved around a girl called Jasmine, who is not from a poor or underprivileged background. She is well-educated and mature enough to take her own decisions.
But she misjudges every situation and comes to a wrong conclusion. Fortune has nothing to do with her condition getting worse.

Eventually, she makes her life a living hell. The beginning of the play was quite interesting as Jasmine, who is a village girl, marries Jem and comes to the city to live with him.

But soon she realises that Jem loves his work more then her. She blindly trusts an unsettled stranger, Robby, and goes with him.

She gives all her jewellery, including her wedding ring, to Robby for selling. She loves him but he sells her to a brothel for money.

Jasmine is now locked up within four walls away from her principles and desires.
Meanwhile, Jasmine’s friend Jeff, comes to the City in search of her to inform her of her mother’s demise.

He finds her in an unimaginable condition and returns to his village with a broken heart. After listening to Jeff, her brother decides to free her but in the process gets killed brutally.

All his efforts to save Jasmine go in vain and she returns to her profession permanently.  
Though you enjoy the play till the end, you hardly develop any sympathy for Jasmine, who is the reason for her own downfall and a reason for Jem’s madness.

Directed by Pradeep Shastry, a theatre enthusiast, the play was enacted by a team of young actors. The play is in a narrative form and a clown narrates the story.

Jasmine was played by Soumya, who lived up to the expectations of people. “The story is appealing and it warns us about a mistake we often make, that is judging a situation early. Attracted by the colourful city life, Jasmine betrays Jem who has a practical approach towards life and lands up in trouble.

This 90-minute play is a medley of love, betrayal, trust and misfortune,” said Vikram, who had come to watch the play.

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