Halappa feverish, quiet, reads books

Halappa feverish, quiet, reads books

Doctors attending on him said Halappa has become “very weak”, adding that he fears media attention and has even refused to step out of his room to go for an X-ray.

Doctors speculate that Halappa might have developed pneumothorax which requires an X-ray to be diagnosed. Doctors said the former minister had earlier suffered from pneumothorax conditions where air gets accumulated in the pleural space in the chest. He was treated with ‘chest wound’ procedure where a small opening, known as a flutter valve was made to allow the air to escape to reinflate the lung.

There are chances that Halappa might be suffering from pneumothorax which might have reoccurred.

Sources at the hospital said that though his room has the facility of an air conditioner and television, Halappa has not used any of them. He has developed depression and spends most of his time reading books.

The former minister is also not talking much, even when a doctor questions him about his condition, he mechanically replies that he is all right. His food is solely gruel (ganji) which is being supplied from outside the hospital.

The Centenary building at the Victoria Hospital premises has turned into a fortress guarded by policemen. The second floor of the building, where Halappa's room is located which is guarded by two ASIs (Assistant Sub-Inspector), six City Armed Reserve (CAR) and five policemen from law and order.

There are also around 25 policemen from Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) stationed at the entrance of the hospital to guard the place 24 hours in two shifts.

Case deferred to May 20

Shimoga:  Advocate Ashok Bhat, the counsel for  former minister H Halappa facing charges of rape and criminal intimidation, filed objection before the second JMFC court here on Monday against CID’s request to test the blood sample of the accused. Magistrate Ravikanth posted the hearing to May 20.