Radiation levels in Mayapuri pose no health detriment: AERB

Radiation levels in Mayapuri pose no health detriment: AERB

In a statement, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) admitted there was some contamination in local spots but it could not pose any health detriment.

The nuclear regulator pointed out that all the Cobalt-60 sources from the disposed off gamma cell have been recovered earlier and the same was confirmed on the basis of inventory check of the radioactive material transferred to Narora Atomic Power Station.
"However, some traces of dust or particles of Cobalt-60 arising from cutting of the radioactive pieces have left some contamination in local spots.

"Radiation from these spots was far below levels which could pose any immediate health detriment," said the statement issued on behalf of Om Pal Singh, Secretary, AERB.
Environment advocacy group Greenpeace had on Friday claimed to have found six hotspots with "considerably elevated radiation levels".

A person who stands continuously about a metre away from a hotspot for five days is likely to receive the maximum allowed dose of radiation, Jan Vande Putte, a Greenpeace radiation safety expert had said.

As a matter of caution, disaster response officials had sealed one of the shops in Mayapuri (No. D2/32) where radiation levels were found to be on the higher side.
The scrap dealers were apprised of the situation during a workshop AERB had conducted for them on May six.

"During the programme, they were told about the radiological status of the shop D2/32 and higher than normal radiation levels existing in small spots outside the shop. The dealers were also told that the shop and the adjoining area will soon be cleared of radioactive contamination," the AERB said.

It added that officials of the AERB, Department of Atomic Energy and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) had carried out a clean-up operation in the Mayapuri area over the weekend on May 15-16, as planned earlier.

"Accordingly, the clean-up operation carried out over the weekend has brought down the radiation levels significantly," the AERB said adding that the de-contamination exercise will continue over the next weekend so as to cause minimal disruption in normal activities in the market.