'We get better with each new record'

'We get better with each new record'

The American heavy metal band Lamb of God was in Bangalore recently to rock their Indian fans with tunes from the album Wrath. The band members, namely Randy Blythe (vocalist), Mark Morton and Wille Adler (guitarist), John Campbell (bassist) and Chris Adler (drummer), spoke to Metrolife about their music, India and their experiences of playing for live audience.

 While Wille prefers to remain busy, putting sketching skills to use, it’s apparent that John and Chris do most of the talking. Speaking about their influences, they say, “We are influenced by things that happen in and around us. We brought out a political record when there was the war going on in the Middle-East during George Bush’s presidency. There are songs about addiction and more personal things,” says John. “The lyrics are primarily written by Mark and Randy but Chris and I also contribute in various elements such as changes in bridges,” says John.

So do their families listen to their music? “They are aware of it,” says John. Aware? “You don’t really expect them to rock out to New American Gospel (their album),” says Wille, and the others laugh. “Someone once though had a rock shirt, which was washed,” says John, laughing.

Their own musical preferences are as different as their personalities. “We all listen to different stuff. I heard Randy speaking to someone about hip-hop,” says Chris. “Mark listens to a lot of hip-hop; Wille listens to both hip-hop and heavy metal; Chris listens to heavy metal and I listen to rock and roll,” informs John. Talking about their band which has been playing since 1994, they say, “If you see our line of record, there is a pattern. We get better with each new record.” “This is because we learn from our experiences,” says John. So what did they learn in their latest attempt? “Sacrament was a more polished record, we realised that Wrath required more raw aggression. A good metal record needs to have sonic edge to it,” says John. Talking about whether they enjoy playing in festivals, Wille says: “Depends on the festivals.”
  “Some festivals are shoddy but some are good where time is limited but you have more crowd,” says John.

 “And we get to travel to interesting places like India,” says Chris. So what about India? “I hear we are pretty big here,” he says. And any plans for a new album? “We’ll let you know when we figure out,” they say signing off.

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