Girl grows new kidneys after old ones fail

Girl grows new kidneys after old ones fail

Angel Burton was a victim of painful infections and innumerable scans ever since she was a little girl, but when she was to undergo an operation to create an artificial valve, the doctors were amazed to find that she had grown 2 new kidneys.

The new kidneys are fully functional - a sign that she is cured.
Around 1percent of people have an extra "duplex" kidney, but it is very rare for them to be fully formed.

“It’s a real miracle. It’s absolutely amazing that none of her scans picked the extra kidneys up. Now you would never know she had been ill at all. We’re just so grateful to have ­Angel back to her happy, healthy self,” said her mother, Claire Burton.
The child was diagnosed with bilateral reflux, which meant the valves to her bladder were not working properly and urine leaked into her kidneys, causing painful infections.
Angel had to have regular kidney scans.  “They told us her kidneys were permanently damaged,” said Claire.

“I remember Angel coming around and I told her what they’d found. She said:  ‘God gave me the healthy kidneys and forgot to take the old ones away.”’
Consultant Prasad Godbole, from Sheffield Children’s Hospital, who operated on Angel, said, “Duplex kidney rarely comes to light.

“I was surprised we had it in Angel because none of the previous X-rays had shown that. Her kidneys are working fine.”