Monsoon reaches Ratnagiri

"After hitting Goa on Sunday with good rainfall, the south-west monsoon reached Ratnagiri with good precipitation up 70 mm on Sunday night," said Dr Sati Devi, director, Regional Meteorological office.

"In both Goa and Ratnagiri, there was hardly any rainfall on Monday," Director Sati Devi added.

Weak currents

Asked whether the conditions are favourable for the monsoon to hit Mumbai in the next 48 hours, she said: "Monsoon currents are still weak and favourable conditions are not seen. We expect rains within two or three days if the monsoon currents become favourable," she added.

Meanwhile, other parts of Maharashtra continued to experience pre-monsoon rains, she said.

The city's forecast for the next 24 hours, the weather bureau said, would be partly cloudy with possibility of light rains or thunderstorm in some areas.

Maximum temperature in the city recorded is 34 degree celsius and minimum being 29 degree celsius.

The south-west monsoon, set in at Andaman Nicobar Islands on May 20 and Kerala on May 23 almost a week before time, was slowed down due to the cyclone "Aila" which hit West Bengal.

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