Pot Pourri

Pot Pourri

Still theatre

Bimba Art Foundation will present Rasalok still theatre in miniature art form every Saturday, 6.30 pm at 42, Ratna Vilas Road (DVG Road Corner), Basavanagudi. On May 22, 6.30 pm,  Ravana The Priestly Asura by Deepika Dorai will be presented.

This is open to all those who are above five years of age and entry is free. This summer, the Foundation will also open the Rasalok still theatre moments of the past which include Gift of Goddess — Muthuswamy Dikshitar by Uma Nagraj; Ganga Avataranam — The River Goddess Descends by Deepika Dorai; Sankaracharaya Rolls the Cosmic Dice  by Uma Nagraj; Krishna The Divine Servant by Deepika Dorai.

For details, call 41489354/ 9886635069.

On screen

A film festival called L'indiscrète will be held from May 27 to 29, 6.30 pm at Alliance Francaise
Auditorium. The films are selected from Indian film institutes and media schools.

L'indiscrète is a project of subtitling 25 Indian short films in French. Entry is free.