Heralding a new beginning

Heralding a new beginning

Fresh Start

Heralding a new beginning

Before they graduated, the PUC batch (2010) of Christ Junior College promised their teachers that they will excel and do much better than the previous batches. When the results were out, one could notice that the promise was kept. Out of the 1,338 students, who had appeared for the examinations, 1,304 students had passed in flying colours. The college came out with a total of 97.46 pass percentage.

This sure did raise the bar for their juniors. At the start of the new academic year, the proud Principal, Father Jose welcomed the next batch of second PUC students with this good news. Assembled inside the college after a long break, the students had mixed feelings, of nervousness and confidence. “It’s time for all of you to rise and shine like them and give your best in the final examinations,” added Father Jose. This was followed by a standing ovation for the successful students and the teachers of the college.

This being the first formal function for the academic year, the students came out with a beautiful Indo-Western dance and music performance. While the college band played, dancers from various sections came together and matched steps. This was then followed by a performance by the college choir.

The new academic year also introduced many interesting programmes for the students, both cultural and educational. One of them being the weekly cultural activity. Every week, one class would have to come up with an hour-long entertaining programme and at the end of the term, a winner would be chosen, explained the Principal.

“Every year, there is always something new for us and it’s nice to know that we have so many opportunities under one roof,” said Reshma, one of the students. But what really got the students excited was the addition of a new canteen and promises of few more kiosks.

“With so many students in the college, there is no space to eat. This new addition will surely help us better,” said another student.

As they stood up in pride to sing the college anthem, one could make out that the aspiring students were all set to take the next step of their lives.