Welcome to corporate world

Welcome to corporate world

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Welcome to corporate world

It is the crucial time in the life of final year students, as they bid adieu to college life and step into a whole new world. Most of these students, pursuing professional courses, have already been hired by companies through campus recruitment. Though their big worry of getting a decent job has been taken care of, yet they are apprehensive about what the professional world will hold for them and how best they can be prepared
for it. 

Apurva Shastry, an engineering student from PESIT, revealed an interesting mindset of students. She says, “Everyone feels relaxed after getting placed. Most of them start displaying an ‘attitude’ proportionate to the pay package of the company they are placed with. They become complacent and scoring good marks in exams takes a backseat.”

Apurva is being nostalgic about her college days as she is on the verge of completing her course. “Once we are out of here, there wouldn’t be any bunking of classes. The kind of fun we had with friends doing mischievous things will all end here,” she regrets.

Talking about the professional life, Apurva says she is not much worried about the dress code at the workplace. But she is a bit tensed about the working ambience as well as the internal politics. “I am placed in a company where there is no strict dress code; I’m free to wear whatever I’m comfortable in. But a friend of mine is placed in a company where she has to wear formals all the time. She is planning to go on a shopping spree and I will be helping her which might give me ideas as well,” she includes.

Most of the time seniors come to the rescue of the students. Nagakumar Upadhyaya, who has got a job in IBM, is almost depending on his seniors for guidance. “Who else knows better than them? They have a clear picture about the industry. They guide us on how to dress up and how to behave at work station. I am learning those traits from them. Once I finish with my exams, I will certainly go for shopping particularly for formal dresses and shoes,” he says.

He also feels that if freshers look smart and they demonstrate keen interest and commitment in work, their employers will definitely recognise the talent and help them grow. 

Shashank of RV College of Engineering is also excited about wearing an employee ID card around his neck. 

“Whenever I meet my cousins, sisters, brothers who are already working, I am curious to know how their first day in office was. Initially, I may find it difficult to stick to my chair for more than eight hours. But because of my jovial nature, I will surely make friends there and work will be fun after that,” he concludes.