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The computer came fifth and Graham Bell’s telephone came sixth just ahead of Sir Alexander Flemming’s discovery of Penicillin. A total of 4,000 consumers voted to rank some of the major inventions of the last 200 years, in the survey conducted by Tesco Mobile.
“All of the inventions included in this list have changed the world forever,” said Lance Batchelor, chief executive of Tesco Mobile.
He added: “Whether it be something as small as a paper clip, to something which changed the face of the universe like the combustion engine, these amazing feats have all been recognised as truly great”.
“It’s amazing to see how much the iPhone is valued, sitting alongside inventions such as Penicillin in people’s perceptions and being declared a more important invention than miracle gadgets of their own time, such as the compass.”

Greenland rapidly rising due to ice melting
Scientists are astounded as rapid ice meltdown in Greenland is causing the land to rise quickly.
Moving glaciers in Greenland form dense icecaps up to 2 km thick that covers most of the island. These icecaps also press down hard on the land beneath, lowering its elevation.
Scientists from the University of Miami have now found that these icecaps are melting, causing some coastal lands to rise by nearly one inch per year.
If this trend continues, that number could accelerate to as much as two inches per year by 2025, explains Tim Dixon, principal investigator of the study.
“It’s been known for several years that climate change is contributing to the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet,” Dixon says. “What’s surprising, and a bit worrisome, is that the ice is melting so fast that we can actually see the land uplift in response,” he says. “Even more surprising, the rise seems to be accelerating, implying that melting is accelerating.”
The same process is affecting Iceland and Svalbard, which also have ice caps, explains Shimon Wdowinski, co-author of the study.

Viagra may cause hearing loss
Researchers have found a link between hearing loss and the use of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.
Gerald McGwin, University of Alabama, Birmingham claims use of Viagra can result in long-term hearing loss. Also, use of other phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5i) drugs such as Cialis and Levitra can be harmful for the ear, but results on those drugs are inconclusive.
McGwin, professor of epidemiology, UAB School of Public Health, said: “It appears from these findings that the current government warning regarding hearing loss and the use of PDE-5i medications is warranted”.
“Though there are limitations to this study, it is prudent that patients using these medications be warned about the signs and symptoms of hearing impairment and be encouraged to seek immediate medical attention to potentially forestall permanent damage.”

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