BIA holds first mock evacuation exercise

BIA holds first mock evacuation exercise

According to a BIA press release, the exercise, one of the first at an Indian airport, checked the adequacy of inter and intra-departmental co-ordination. Also, it is a proactive measure taken by BIA to improve preparedness to handle emergencies in a systematic manner.

“During the exercise, an evacuation scenario was simulated and the emergency evacuation mechanisms at the terminal building were put to test, with the prime objectives of saving lives, protecting property and retaining normal operations at the airport,” stated the release.

A BIA spokesperson said the activity involved participation of over 750 personnel comprising the entire airport community, a large number of government and semi-government organisations.

Well-defined standards

Director of Operations BIA Hari Marar, who was present at the exercise said, “The purpose of the exercise was to set well-defined standards in emergency response procedures.”
 “Several passengers present at the airport were also part of the drill,” he added.