Why do parents SCOLD us?

Why do parents SCOLD us?

Why do parents SCOLD us?

I was on my trip to Ladhak withy my family. It was very delightful to see the inhabitants live very happily enduring the adversities and calamities in nature and with the minimum facilities and amenities available there. We had halted in one of the villages for our lunch. I was casually walking around observing the typical indigenous practices rampant in that area. I was taken over by pity when I was surrounded by little cadgers- small kids begging like vagrants! My heart sank to see them in such a pathetic and pitiable state.

They were no more than ragamuffins scampering around and approaching the visitors with their diminutive pygmy demands. My hands, almost unaware, had taken notice of the change I had in my jeans pocket. It was when I extended my hand towards one of the kids, that our jeep driver intruded and prevented me from giving those down and outs their little claims.

He yelled at them mercilessly and chased them away! To me, he appeared like a hard hearted man who was frugal even in helping the needy and the down trodden. I was puzzled with his behaviour and wondered why he was so rude in his dealings with those poor kids.

I asked him to account for his unsympathetic treatment, in response to which I heard “It’s just being bad to be good!”

I was confused yet was trying to figure out what it meant. Later, I approached him and asked him to explain his ambiguous statement.

He said that if they were to give the little kids their grants, it would be like encouraging them to continue to do the same and turn them into fully established vagabonds, tramps and at times prodigals! Thereby refusing their appeals is dissuading them from adopting an easy, lethargic and wrong way of getting money! Its like saying no to child labour and putting them in the right track of living
It is just that initially one may appear bad, but its actually for one’s own benefit and well being!

I am more than convinced now why our parents, teachers, elders, mentors and at times friends appear villains in our eyes. Aren’t they wanting  to see us good???