Buddies through thick and thin

Buddies through thick and thin

Old Association

Buddies through thick and thin

 No matter where you move to or what you become, your childhood pals are forever etched in your memory,” say young people in the City who treasure relationships that have lasted through the last two decades of their lives.

Since keeping in touch with pals anywhere in the world is quick, easy and inexpensive — often merely a click away. Be it BBM (Blackberry Messenger), facebook or skype, friendships today are closer than ever before. Rajesh and his buddies have remained fast friends since they were teary little boys in lower kindergarten. “We studied in Bishop Cotton’s and have known each other all our lives. There is a certain comfort level about these old friendships that is based on not one single thing but a million little things that have accumulated over the years,” says Rajesh.

“Some of us live in the City while others have moved across the world. We touch base as often as possible, sometimes several times a day. Distance and geography doesn’t matter in the big picture,” he says.

Happy moments: Juanita (second from right) with her close friends.Juanita and her group of five inseparable-since-nursery-friends moved in different directions post high school but remained as thick as thieves. “We met in kindergarten and grew up in each other’s homes. In spite of moving into different streams of education, we are still inseparable. We are linked by a common Yahoo messenger thread that we access frequently. When one moved to Mumbai and another to Mysore, we set up a weekly conference call to connect,” says Juanita.

Rachita, Alisha and Andrea and their gang of pals share cherished memories that started in Sophia’s nursery. Having been together since they were three, they say. “Who can forget those mischief-filled van rides under the watchful eye of our harassed van driver, our school excursion to Hyderabad as we left home for the very first time? Participating in birthday parties and sleepovers, sports days and detention... Stuff that is such a part of who we are today,” they say.

Studies by British scientists have shown that people who enjoy long term friendships live longer and have happier lives. “Making and keeping friends is definitely a valuable skill,” says Susan George a child development counsellor. “I find that kids with close friendships are happier, better adjusted and more successful in the long run than loners and introverts. Strong friendships are built on trust and loyalty and this doesn’t happen overnight! A good friendship should be treated as a life-long commitment and not something you take for granted.”