Desire must be sacred, not sensous

Desire must be sacred, not sensous

Reflect on this story. God went around asking people how HIS creation was. Whoever HE met, opined that the world HE created was beautiful but some thing was missing. Every one had a want. They started bugging the God. At last the God decided to go hiding. HE realized that if HE were to hide in the Everest, Tensing would identify HIM and go about spreading the news. Even if HE were to go to the moon, the Apollo 11 would reach the moon and message would be spread about his hideout. God took a pause, and decided to hide in the hearts of the people, as HE was sure that it was the only place, which rarely people look into. Learn to look within.

Please realise desire has no end. You may be successful. If your mind is filled with desire, you can never be happy. Children make this mistake. Teenagers make this mistake and even parents make such mistakes. Every one thinks, 'Success is the only vision in life.' So, to be successful, parenting should involve not just learning to get what you like but also learning to like what you get. In life, you can't always get what you like. Therefore, you have to learn to like what you get.

Listen to the following dialogue between a traveller and his guide.

Traveller - 'What will be the weather at this point?'

Guide - 'The weather is going to be the weather that I like.'

Traveller - 'How can you get a weather you like?'

Guide - 'I always don't get the weather I like. Therefore, I learnt to like what I get. So I get a weather that I like.'

Successful parenting involves acquiring a skill, which makes children like what they get and at the same time move with a commitment to get what they like. This balance of the outer and the inner winner is another important vision that parents should teach their children.

It is what we value rather than what we have that makes us rich.