Snag delays Kingfisher flight

Snag delays Kingfisher flight

The flight, which arrived from Bangalore, was scheduled to leave for Mumbai at 9 am. But a technical problem was found in the front portion of the flight, while landing at Hubli airport.

The pilot announced that the flight could not leave for Mumbai, and therefore, passengers had to wait at the airport.

By evening, a flight from Mumbai brought spare parts, and the Kingfisher flight grounded here was repaired. Fare was refunded to some passengers, and some others made alternative arrangement to reach Mumbai. The rest were sent to Mumbai by the flight which came from Mumbai, Hubli airport authorities said.

There would be no trouble for the movement of other flights, as Kingfisher flight was grounded at the airport, they added.

Meanwhile, it is being said that the technical problem was caused by a bird hit. However,
airport authorities have denied this, and stated that the problem was seen in the spare parts of the flight.