Personal ambitions led to IHF disbandment: KPS Gill

Personal ambitions led to IHF disbandment: KPS Gill

Justice S Murlidhar on Friday set aside the Centre's decision to derecognise IHF and the Indian Olympic Association's order to disaffiliate the federation after its secretary K Jothikumaran was caught on camera in a sting operation accepting bribe to select a player.

Talking to PTI, Gill, who had nearly 15 years at the helm of IHF before IOA disbanded the federation and replaced it with Hockey India, said finally justice had been delivered.
"I am very happy. Justice has been finally done to us. The order speaks for itself. Now we have to follow it up and ensure that hockey is revived," Gill said.

"We have to start climbing the ladder once again because the last two years have been disastrous," he said.

After Jothikumaran was caught on camera taking bribes, IOA first replaced IHF with a five-member ad hoc committee before setting up Hockey India.Hockey India also had a bumpy ride since then, failing to hold its first election because of legal hurdles and infighting and it has now been set a May 31 deadline by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

Gill claimed IHF had FIH's support and it was only because of some individuals' petty interest that led to the federation's disbandment.

"The International Hockey Federation (FIH) was never against us. Personal ambition of one or two people created the situation," Gill said.

Asked about IHF's future course of action, the former top cop said, "We will have a meeting of IHF and then decide the future our future plans. I have not yet read the order."Gill once again came hard on Hockey India, which has been struggling to hold its general election because of legal hurdles, and questioned its authenticity.
"Hockey India is a shadow body. It has never been in existence," Gill said.
Even after IHF was banned, Gill kept meeting the officials and only last month he conducted its Annual General Meeting