Kites stay grounded in Karnataka

Kites stay grounded in Karnataka

A ban was issued on the screening of the movie in State

Kites stay grounded in Karnataka

eager People queue to purchase tickets for the newly released Bollywood movie Kites in Bangalore on Friday. afp

The ban was issued on the screening of the movie, as distributors of  the film issued 94 prints for the State, violating norms. The KFCC permits only 21 prints of non-Kannada films to be screened, but had relaxed the number to 25 for ‘Kites’.

Some of the multiplexes in the City tried defying the ban, but had to stop screening afterprotests from KFCC members. About 20 KFCC members were arrested when they sat on a dharna near a multiplex inside a mall at Malleswaram. They were released later. By Friday evening, it was clear that the film will not be screened anywhere in the State. The 94 theatres, where the film was to be screened, returned the prints to the distributors.

“We personally visited all the theatres in the City and requested them to return the prints and they have done so,” said Basanth Kumar Patil, chairman, KFCC. Screening has been stopped in all the theatres in the city as well as in places like Mysore, Davangere and Bellary.

“Considering Hrithik’s effort, the KFCC had permitted them to release in four more theatres. But they violated all the norms and went for 94 theatres, which cannot be tolerated,” Jayamala, former president, KFCC said. Several Kannada films that were released did not get theatres for screening because of the ‘Kites’ release, Patil said. Some films like “Nanu Nanna Kanasu”, produced and directed by Prakash Rai, were replaced by the Hrithrik-starrer.

To prevent such incidents, Patil urged the media not to accept film advertisements unless cleared by the KFCC. “We will take an undertaking from the distributors and exhibitors stating that they will not violate the rules framed by KFCC,” he added.

Tickets refunded

Fame Lido, which had scheduled six to seven shows of ‘Kites’, was asked to stop the screening of the movie at around 3.30 pm on Friday. “KFCC has a lot of issues with Reliance Cinemas. However, it should have sent us a letter mentioning why screening of the movie was banned. We did not get any written communication from them," a Fame Lido official said. He added that if the KFCC had given it in writing, Fame would have spoken to them and negotiated.

Major losses

On the loss incurred by the multiplex chain, the official said that already 2,000 to 3,000 tickets had been refunded. Each ordinary ticket cost Rs 300 and gold class ticket ones, Rs 400. “It's a huge loss for us. The six shows that we intended to screen over the weekend were booked. We have had to cancel all that,” he said. If the issue did not get solved quickly, all the multiplexes would suffer major losses, he said.

Meanwhile, people who braved KFCC's command and went to watch the movie found the theatres wore a deserted look.

Alpana who went to watch the first show of the movie at Shankar Nag, a single screen theatre, said the crowd did not match the hype built around the movie. When she came out of the theatre, not many people were around for the next show.

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