'Bloody white': Asif to Watson

'Bloody white': Asif to Watson

Raquib told an inquiry panel probing the disastrous tour that Asif narrowly escaped getting into another controversy after he directed racist remarks against Watson during a Test match.

“On the second day of the Test, Asif called Watson a ‘bloody white’,” Raquib is heard as saying in a leaked video recording of the inquiry committee proceedings.

“In the evening, Australian manager Steve Bernard contacted me and informed me that captain Ricky Pointing planned to hold a press conference.

“I reminded him that under the ICC Code of Conduct, such matters could not be discussed in public,” Raquib told the committee members.

He said he kept the whole incident confidential as it would have created more problems for Pakistan cricket and Asif as the Australians could have gone after the player for making what they felt was a racist remark.

“You tell me what sort of comment is this. Thankfully, Steve (Bernard) was cooperative after I reminded him that the series was being played in good spirit and sledging did take place on both sides,” Raquib said.