DFRL to supply food for CRPF jawans

DFRL to supply food for CRPF jawans

The DFRL which was supplying packaged food for only armed forces till now has received a bulk orders for supply of 1.20 lakh rations or food packets for the para military forces in North East and other places.

“We have received orders particularly for those working in hostile conditions in naxal inflicted regions. The DFRL will also supply water pouches to the anti-naxal forces as water available in this region is not potable,” Director A S Bawa told reporters.

In a press conference on Friday, he said production was underway and the supply would begin soon. Bawa said the DFRL was also working on developing effective food packaging method  to protect the food item from biological warfare under the bio defence project. He said the appetizers, energy capsules and mutton sandwich developed for jawans on high altitude were well received.

Dr Batra, who is heading the project said the Government has entrusted DFRL to develop reliable and low cost technology against biological and chemical warfare. We are developing a comprehensive protection system.

He said the Country required to have more laboratories on lines of DFRL to work on bio defence. In United States, 400 institutions are working on the subject. The Director said the DFRL will have its new campus at a 20-acre plot near Infosys at the Hebbal Industrial area.
The new campus will have laboratory facilities and production facilities, he stated.

He declined to comment on the Government’s proposal to merge the DFRL with CSIR.