School syllabus revision from next academic year

School syllabus revision from next academic year

Curriculum has to be in tune with times, says Higher Education minister

School syllabus revision from next academic year

discussion for revision: Minister for Primary and Secondary Education VH Kageri at a discussion with educationists on national syllabus in Bangalore on Friday. Former ministers H Vishwanath and Prof B K Chandrashekar are seen. kpn

Speaking at a consultative meeting of education experts on ‘National Curriculum Framework - 2005’ at Shikshakara Sadan, the minister said, as per the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) guidelines on revision of the national curriculum, the Directorate of Education will revise textbooks from class 1 to 10, in a phased manner.

The curriculum for 1,3,5, and 8th standards will be revised from from the academic year 2011-12. The syllabus for standards 2,4,6 and 9 will be revised from 2012-13, while the revised syllabus for classes  7 to 10 will come into effect from 2013-14, he said.

The curriculum has to be in tune with the times, be contemporary and keep pace with changing trends and make students up-to-date with global standards. “It is of utmost importance to also include lessons on inculcating patriotism to youth. We should highlight achievements of Indians, rather than accord too much focus on foreign innovations.

Education should aim to mould the entire personality and character of citizens and make them responsible and quality human beings,” the Higher Education minister said.

Legislator, Prof P V Krishna Bhat who spoke said the purpose of education should focus on
areas such as knowledge and ethics. “Both government and private schools have a duty to impart these values to children,” he said.

On British system

Senior educationist, Prof S R Rohidekar observed that even to this day, education is modelled on the lines of British system.

He said an Indian way of imparting education such as the ‘Gurukula’system, where the teacher and student relationship is modelled on imparting values, morals and wisdom is the need of the hour. Any change in the present system, must focus of these aspects, he noted.