Kasab is Qaidi No C-7096

Kasab is Qaidi No C-7096

The Pakistani terrorist, who has been sentenced to death for the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, has been given the number as a part of the jail procedure to maintain a record of the convicts.

Kasab has been placed under category “C” allotted to dangerous convicts like those sentenced either to death or a life term.

Those convicted for lesser offences up to three months’ imprisonment are allotted category “A,” and the convicts serving jail sentence of three months to five years are put in class “B.”

Since Kasab has been awarded death penalty, he would not have to work in the jail, in accordance with the prison manual. Those serving rigorous imprisonment are given carpentry work, or are asked to prepare food for inmates for which they get a small remuneration.

The only job assigned to Kasab is to wash his clothes, as he does get money for laundry.
The 22-year-old terrorist has said he feels lonely in the jail, according to jail sources. “He has been eagerly waiting to meet his relatives and often asks the jail guards if anyone had come to meet him. Kasab spends most of the time in the cell sitting in a corner,” they said.

Kasab usually gets up at seven in the morning and spends time reading books and the “Quran.” He also performs “namaz” five times a day.

Meanwhile, preparations are in full swing to send a copy of the 26/11 judgment, related documents, affidavits and statements of witnesses to the Bombay High Court for confirmation of the death sentence awarded to Kasab.

The two other accused in the 26/11 case — Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed—who were acquitted by the trial court, continue to be in the central prison on Arthur Road.
The Mumbai police would soon hand them over to the Uttar Pradesh police as the two are wanted in another case registered against them in that state.