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Book Rack

The Washer of the Dead:
A Collection of Ghost Stories

Venita Coelho
Zubaan, 2010, pp 136, Rs 199
A woman haunted by the wind. A land where ghosts speak for the voiceless. A washer of the dead who begins to hear them speak. These are stories of the unquiet. Women whisper through this collection. They voice their loves, lives, fears and yearnings.

Seasons of Flight
Manjushree Thapa
Penguin, 2010, pp 226, Rs 399
Prema, a young woman adrift in war-torn rural Nepal, with little to bind her to her family, village and the country, wins a green card in a US government lottery and emigrates to Los Angeles. In this unfamiliar metropolis, she struggles to invent a life she can call her own, even as love, and sexual awakening transform her. There are no constants, no signposts, as she navigates the territory of her new world.

Sinking, Not Swimming
Nalini Rajan
Penguin, 2010, pp 255, Rs 299
Three generations of a family gather for Cheenu’s last rites. Besides mourning and remembrance, it also becomes an occasion for secrets and grievances to surface. A sharp take on our world driven by power, money and success.

The Fifty-50 Marriage: Return to Intimacy
Vijay Nagaswami
Westland, 2010, pp 297, Rs 295
The second in Nagaswami’s series on the ‘New Indian Marriage’, this book caters to readers who have moved on to committed relationships that may have nevertheless lost some of their earlier spark. But it’s never too late to reignite it, says this self-help book.

Living Jewels From the Indian Jungle
Edited by Ashok K Kothari a & Boman F Chhapgar
Oxford University Press, 2010, pp 204, Rs 1600
This is the third in the Bombay Natural History Society series of books featuring paintings and drawings, articles and notes on Indian natural history, from rare sources in the library. While including some unique paintings of birds and mammals, the focus of the plates in this volume is the Himalayan wild flowers — veritable jewels that will delight the eye, and classic works of art.

The Edge of Reason
Anil Ananthaswamy
Penguin, 2010, pp 322, Rs 399
In this book, the author sets out to explore the world’s most audacious physics experiments. In his quest, Ananthaswamy travels to some of the most extreme, remote — and often dangerous — sites on our planet. Atmospheric, engaging and illuminating, ‘The Edge of Reason’ reveals science to be a human process and brings back cosmology back down to earth in vivid terms.

Issues & Views
Kiran Bedi
Sterling, 2010, pp 372, Rs 299
From the holy city of Amritsar to the Mecca of international peace, The United Nations, to challenging social injustices... An inspiring journey of the first woman in the Indian Police Service.