Tele buzz

 To make a phone call you have to travel an hour to the top of the nearest mountain. The drive is along the edge of a cliff on a 35 degree inclined rocky path with space enough for only one car to pass through. Your home is a tent in the wilderness, and the closest habitation is over an hour’s drive downhill. Welcome to real adventure — Nat Geo style. Apollo Flight of the Hawkz is a gripping series that redefines adventure. From tight rope walking to monkey crawling, from bungee jumping to maneuvering SUVs through incomparable obstacles, it is a off-roading adventure challenge series on wheels. The show brings to life the eccentric nature of a true adventurer; forever eager to challenge the ordinary and capturing their free-spirit to the fullest — a true Hawkz. Watch the episode on May 24 at 10 pm.

Catch a star
Cameron Diaz was thrown into the spotlight at the age of 16 while working as a fashion model. She graced the covers of 17 magazines in two years. At 22, she auditioned and won the role in The Mask with Jim Carrey, proving she was no one-hit wonder. She appeared in ten movies over the next four years, including Feeling Minnesota with Keanu Reeves. In 2000, she became the second women ever to receive a 20 million dollar salary for starring in the big screen adaptation of the 70s TV hit Charlie’s Angels with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. She also got the opportunity to reprise her stint as the voice of Princess Fiona in Shrek not once but twice. Catch her story on Real to Reel on May 25 at 9.30 pm on FOX History & Entertainment.  

Of predators
In Africa all predators lives are governed b the seasons and the availability of the prey. It has been raining for months in Tanzania’s northeastern mountains and the promises of the new wet season are bountiful. The bond between male and female jackals is very strong. At the dawn of a new day, a faithful pair of golden jackal find themselves on the cusp of a time of a plenty. Their latin name, canis aureus is an appropriate title for a much misunderstood predator. It means ‘Golden Dog’. Tune into Animal Planet on May 25 at 8 pm to watch Big Bite.

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