India to pursue peace: SMK

India to pursue peace: SMK

“India, as a responsible power, does and will engage actively with the world, while pursuing an independent and non-aligned foreign policy of peace and development, as well as strengthening her strategic autonomy,” said Krishna.

He was addressing the diplomats of the European Union and ASEAN countries at the Hyderabad House here.

Krishna said  India saw cooperation between India and ASEAN, as well as countries in the Asia Pacific, as an important dimension of New Delhi’s diplomacy in the 21st century as reflected in the Look East policy. He said that the “Look East policy” was built on a strong economic foundation and a cooperative paradigm of converging security interests.

He pointed out that India had changed significantly since the launch of bold economic reforms to unleash the country’s economic potential. “India is today the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. Despite the global impact of the recent economic crisis, India remains among the fastest growing economies of the world,” he added.  Krishna said India would continue to focus on the challenges of technological self-reliance, food and energy security and would engage closely with the global community.

He noted that South Asia had always prospered when it had been interconnected. He hoped to continue to work towards reestablishing the links within the region and towards greater economic integration.  “We will make every effort to take the SAARC agenda forward through deeper cooperation in South Asia that focuses on the primary task of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of the common people,” he said and vowed to work with the neighbours to ensure that outstanding issues were addressed and the full potential of the region was realised.

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