In the course of business

In the course of business

Tough choice

In the course of business

Inheriting family business turns out to be a boon for some and bane for others. As students, many young people take up courses which would help them in their family businesses.

At the same time, there are those who plan their education based on their interests, even though they might be having family business and will have to join it some day or the other.

Most students take up courses which teaches them the basics of managing a business.
Prasant Jalan, a B Com student, says, “My father has iron and steel export and import business. My first priority is to join my dad a few years after I am done with my education. My second priority is to start my own business in the same field and enhance both the businesses. In order to do all this, I feel I need to study something on the same lines. So, I am doing an entrepreneur course at the Entrepreneur Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad, which I believe will help me handling my father’s business as well as creating my own.”

Some students take up courses to help their parents in various aspects of the business.
Sunny Sulecha, who is doing his Chartered Accountancy, says, “Initially, I had no plans of doing a course which will help me in my father’s business. I noticed its importance when my elder sister did her CA. I made up my mind to do it too. I will help my father to handle the finance  more efficiently by giving the necessary advice. If I complete CA, I can assist my father in many ways.”

At the same time, there are some students, who in spite of having a family business, choose to do something else.

 Karan, who has done his B Sc, says, “My father is into fruits and vegetables business. Though I know that after my education I will join him, I did not take up a commerce subject. Anyway, I would be doing business for the rest of my life, so now why not do something that I like? Since I like Botany, I took up B Sc with Botany as one of my optionals . I feel if one has the capacity to grasp the details about a particular business, then it is not very tough to manage it when one steps into it.”