Bolt blazes to 200M gold

Bolt blazes to 200M gold

Jeter clinches womens 100 gold; Liu disappoints

Bolt blazes to 200M gold

Unstoppable: American Carmelita Jeter celebrates after wining the 100M sprint in Shanghai on Sunday. AFP

Less than two years after his sensational sprints at the Bird's Nest arena, the Olympic and World champion treated the Shanghai stadium to a more controlled performance on a cool evening in China's financial capital.

Well ahead by the halfway stage, Bolt crossed the line 10 metres clear of the field in 19.76 seconds, outside his own world best time of the year (19.56) and well shy of his world mark (19.19).

The 23-year-old Jamaican, who ran the fastest 100 metres of the year (9.86) in Daegu, South Korea on Wednesday, was followed over the line by Americans Angelo Taylor and Ryan Bailey in second and third.

With Bolt dominating the men's side, Carmelita Jeter did her bit to balance the Jamaican-US sprint rivalry with a commanding victory over World and Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser in the women's 100m.The muscular American was slower out of the blocks but caught up with and then overhauled her Jamaican rival.In the 110 metres hurdles, American David Oliver powered home in 12.99 seconds to upset home hero Liu Xiang and world champion Ryan Brathwaite.

Results: Men: 200M: Usain Bolt (Jam) 1; Angelo Taylor (US) 2; Ryan Bailey (US) 3. T: 19.76S. 400M: Jeremy Wariner (US) 1; David Neville (US) 2; Michael Bingham (Bri) 3. T: 45.41S. 1500M: Augustine Choge (Ken) 1; Asbel Kiprop (Ken) 2; Mekonnen Gebremedhin (Eth) 3; T: 3:32.20S. 110M hurdles: David Oliver (US) 1; Shi Dongpeng (Chn) 2; Liu Xiang (Chn) 3. T: 12.99S. High jump: Sylwester Bednarek (Pol) 1; Jesse Williams (US) 2; Linus Thoernblad (Swe) 3. H: 2.24M. Long jump: Fabrice Lapierre (Aus) 1; Dwight Phillips (US) 2; Su Xiongfeng (Chn) 3. D: 8.30M. Pole vault: Malte Mohr (Ger) 1; Alexander Gripich (Rus) 2; Maksym Mazuryk (Ukr) 3. T: 5.70m. Discus: Zoltan Koevago (Hun) 1; Robert Harting (Ger) 2; Piotr Malachowski (Pol) 3. D: 69.69M.

Women: 100M: Carmelita Jeter (US) 1; Shelly-Ann Fraser (Jam) 2; Chandra Sturrup (Bah) 3. T: 11.09S. 400M hurdles: Lashinda Demus (US) 1; Natalya Antyukh (Rus) 2; Anna Jesien (Pol) 3. T: 53.34S. 800M: Janeth Jepkosgei (Ken) 1; Jenny Meadows (Bri) 2; Kenia Sinclair (Jam) 3. T: 2:01.06S. 5000M: Sentayehu Ejigu (Eth) 1; Linet Masai (Ken) 2; Meselech Melkamu (Eth) 3. T: 14:30.96S. 3000M steeplechase: Gladys Kipkemboi (Ken) 1; Milcah Chemos Cheywa (Ken) 2; Lydia Jebet Rotich (Ken) 3. T: 9:16.82S. Triple jump: Olga Rypakova (Kaz) 1; Yargelis Savigne (Cub) 2; Anna Pyatykh (Rus) 3. D: 14.89M. Shot put: Nadezhda Ostapchuk (Blr) 1; Valerie Vili (NZ) 2; Gong Lijiao (Chn) 3. D: 20.70M.