Pak eves go under knife before marriage

Pak eves go under knife before marriage

Like a virgin

Just look up advertisements in English newspapers or websites or the walls of shops on busy street corners in cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, offering women a chance to shroud their past with a recreated hymen — and you’ll know.

For instance, the website offers help for a number of sexual diseases, and vaginoplasty and hymen repair are at the top. Post an online inquiry or call up 0092-3234195732 — a cell phone number with Pakistani ISD code and 323 refers to Warid Telecom phone service.

The address of the hospital where the operation will be performed is divulged only when the customer is given a date. The website says it has two doctors — Sarfaraz Ahmed, a graduate of King Edward Medical College, Lahore, and Yasmin Sarfaraz, a gynaecologist and a member of Royal College Ob/Gyn London, who performs hymenoplasty. “The result is an immediate decrease in the size of vaginal muscles, resulting in more friction during intercourse,” claims the website.

Classified as cosmetic surgery, hymenoplasty was exported from Britain to Pakistan, where many women have been divorced instantly for not conforming to the notion of the blushing, untouched spouse.

Re-virgination, as the process is also known, is performed at $500, or Pakistani Rs 40,000, and is usually resorted to by upper class women in cities.
Syed Rizwanul Haq says he runs that has loads of content on sex and related problems available in Hindi and Urdu. Among other things, it offers e-books on sex.

Then there is the Nasim Fertility Clinic in the middle-class locality of Johar Town in Lahore.
Its owner Farooq Nasim says: “We charge only Rs 40,000; abroad, the operation costs $2,000 or more.”

It is not necessary even to register names. And such benevolence helps pull in customers. Nasim claims to have restored 300 hymens in the last two years.