Terrifying thriller

Watch Boa Vs Python starring David Hewlett, Jamie Bergman and Kirk Woller on May 25 at 9 pm. A multi-millionaire plans to bring extreme big game hunting to the city as yet another pastime for the mega-wealthy. A giant 80-feet python is shipped from the rainforest to be part of the beastly sport. But en route to the city, it manages to escape its holding pen and devour its captors alive.

Meanwhile, an FBI agent is determined to prevent the python from killing more people he enlists a reptile expert and marine biologist, to come up with a plan to stop the python. They finally decide to set a boa constrictor loose into the water facility to confront the python in a terrifying epic showdown.

For adrenaline junkies

Travel and Living presents Extreme on May 25 at 9 pm. Strap on your crash helmet because in this episode, you will roll coast to coast to experience the most extreme terror rides. From the speed demon that achieves total weightlessness 1000 feet above the Las Vegas Strip to the 100-feet bungee jump, where they don’t even give you a bungee cord to the one ride, that’s the single fastest and highest white knuckle scream machine in all of America.

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