A mix of culture and greenery

A mix of culture and greenery

Enchanting experience

A mix of culture and greenery

As a part of this, there was a conclave to discuss various measures that could be taken to make Bangalore more green. This was attended by Suresh Heblikar, Founder Eco-watch; A S Sadashivaiah, Chairman of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and K Jaisim, Architect Founder of Jaisim Fountainhead.

Some of the compelling issues that were discussed during the day were urban planning and project design and eco-restoration in urban areas. Further, it was decided that about 1.5 lakh saplings would be planted in and around the city of Bangalore to begin with.

The evening had people from all over the City meeting at Lalit Ashok, in conclusion of the green initiative.

The event started out with a small presentation about the morning’s discussion after which the outcome of the discussion were complied in a dossier and submitted to Suresh Kumar, the Urban Development Minister.

In the latter part of the evening, the crowd saw Gopika Verma, performing a Mohiniyattam, a traditional dance from Kerala. Mohiniyattam, which means a woman who enchants onlookers with graceful body movements or the ‘dance of the enchantress’.
Smiling beautifully, dancer Gopika Varma entered the stage. She began the dance with the well-loved Chandana Charchita.

Her white and gold costume glinted in the dim light of the lamps around her. Her movements were soft and deep and looked beautiful on stage. The dance was slow and in a few minutes itself, you could understand why it is called so.

Gopika’s expressive eyes and graceful movements charmed everyone in the audience.
The dance depicted Lord Vishnu disguised as a Mohini, to lure the asuras away from the nectar of immortality obtained during the churning of the ocean.  It showed Lord Vishnu’s delicate allure and extraordinary grace and was depicted wonderfully by Gopika, who was later joined by two more dancers on the stage.

Thereafter, she gave a small explanation of her second act, where she depicted a scene with Lord Krishna, and three Gopis. As Lord Krishna played, a sakhi spoke to Radha, asking her to look out for Krishna being enchanted by another Gopika. The main theme of the dance was love and devotion to Lord Krishna and was very gracefully performed by Gopika Verma.

The crowd was enchanted by the dance as one could hear the still silence in the performance area and as soon as she finished the performance, there was a huge applause from everyone, bringing the eventful day to an end.