Gaze fixed at the mark

Gaze fixed at the mark

Dedicated runners

Gaze fixed at the mark

Anuradha Singh and Kamlesh Bhagel are two amazing athletic women who compete in the same space without a trace of rivalry or competitiveness between them. Both hail from the State of Haryana although Anuradha’s family stays in Gorakhpur and Kamlesh’s in Agra.

“I am a constable in the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force). We are a 90,000 strong force entrusted with the security of public-sector areas,” says 22-year-old Anuradha, who put her police training on hold to focus on long distance running. Winning the silver medal at ADHM-2009 (Delhi half marathon), she has set her sights on bettering her own record and making a mark in the Commonwealth and Asian games.

Stationed in Bhopal she gets to visit her family once in 6 months. “I have three sisters and 2 brothers but no one else is keen on sports,” she says. As far as rest and recreation go, the shy smiling athlete enjoys comedies and her favourite actor is Shah Rukh Khan.

Four glasses of mausambi and pineapple juice with lots of carbohydrates keep her in good shape for her runs, although her favourite dish is chicken manchurian.

Kamlesh lived 1 km from the beautiful Taj Mahal all her life. On winning the 21-km Bangalore International marathon in 1996, she says that running is her passion – something that she carefully nurtured even after joining the South East Centre Railways in 2002. “I have two brothers and two sisters but I am the only sporty one in the family. Basically a vegetarian, I get my proteins from lots of dairy products, dried fruits and nuts,” she says. Now posted in Pune, the disciplined runner does not get distracted by television or any of the frivolous pastimes that most people indulge in. She has preferred to adopt a lifestyle of frugality and discipline.

P T Usha is her role model. “I really admire her achievements and tenacity. And as far as relaxation goes, there is simply no time between work and hectic training schedules. I don’t even have a television in my room,” she laughs. What about committed relationships? “Definitely not in the near future. I have miles to go yet and many goals to achieve before that happens,” says the determined young woman.