Amendments to ensure fire safety

Amendments to ensure fire safety

The government decided to amend the acts following fire mishap in Carlton Towers, which was caused due to poor fire safety measures in the building.

Home Minister V S Acharya on Monday told press persons that several owners of buildings flout fire safety measures after obtaining the occupancy certificate. Until now officers of the urban local bodies or the fire force were not authorised to check fire safety measures in buildings.

The proposed amendments will authorise the officers to check safety measures. After the amendments the officers concerned can make surprise visits to the buildings. The drafts of the bills are ready and will be tabled in the next Legislature session.

Acharya released a special booklet to create awareness about fire safety among children. The book titled - Uncle Dash & Baby Pom, teaches fire safety measures to children through short and simple stories and rhymes. Uncle dash is a cartoon character, who plays the role of a heroic fireman and Baby Pom is a mischievous boy.

DGP (Fire and Emergency Services) Jija Harisingh said the copies of the booklet will be distributed among schoolchildren across the State.