Shooters in UP village train with Rahul Gandhi's pistol

Shooters in UP village train with Rahul Gandhi's pistol

Shooters in UP village train with Rahul Gandhi's pistol

Rahul, who trained under Dr Raj Pal before leaving for political shores, gave two of his air pistols to his coach and the gesture proved quite beneficial for the budding shooters.
Raj Pal has since been training aspiring shooters in his institute in Johadi village in Baghpat district of UP.

Tomar, who initially trained with Rahul's pistol, has not met him yet but want to personally thank him besides requesting him for more help in providing better infrastructure and facilities for sportspersons.

"There are six MPs among the present lot who have received training from me and Rahul is the wisest of them as he not only donated his pistols for others to train but also asked me to work on creating conducive atmosphere for the development of to the game specially in his constituency , Amethi," Raj Pal said.

As of now Raj Pal has four pistols from which one has been donated by Jayant Singh, RLD MP from Mathura, and another by his disciple Sunita Singh who went on to become an IPS officer in 1996.

Raj Pal, who is superintendent in a Delhi hospital and is due to retire next year, said he has picked some girls from Amethi region for training through camps.

He said among the lot, three girls have done him proud.

"Ruchi Singh has got junior Olympic quota. Mahajbeen Bano has got admission in prestigious St. Stephens and alongwith Varchika Singh these three are in the junior team of Air India," Raj Pal said adding that all three hail from various villages of Amethi.

Raj Pal said when he last met Rahul he advised the young politician to not open a shooting a range in Amethi until proper atmosphere and infrastructure comes up.

"As of now we are working towards honing the talent of the local talents belonging to Amethi by brining them to Johadi. This sport ensures job security and secure future," he said.