Exploring the exotic

Travel and Living presents Beach Watch on May 27 at 10 pm. Who better to show around some of the most famous beaches in America than California native Bridget Marquardt?
Bridget explores tantalising beaches, and immerses herself in everything from early morning sport to late night luaus.

From touring Barcelona by scooter, to enjoying beautiful Mallorca by helicopter, or exploring Salvador Dali’s home in Costa Brava, or dining with the locals on the cliffs of Cadaques, Bridget explores the most exotic places.

Join Bridget in Beach Watch to experience the exotic.

Unknown secrets of oceans

They cover two thirds of our planet. They hold clues to the mysteries of our past and they are vital for our future survival. But the secrets of our oceans have largely remained undiscovered. Explorer Paul Rose is leading a team of ocean experts of a series of underwater science expeditions.

For a year, the team has voyaged across the world to build up a global picture of our seas. Oceans airs on May 27, 10 pm on Animal Planet.

Finding a fallen star

HBO presents Stardust starring Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Deniro and Charlie Cox on May 27 at 9 pm. Young Tristan Thorne promises the prettiest girl in the village of Wall, a fallen star in the hopes of winning her heart.

He must cross over to the supernatural world to do this and finds that the fallen star is actually a young woman injured by her cosmic tumble.