Crackling chemistry between us, say Star Trek actors

Some of the key actors in Star Trek

While their characters Lieutenant Uhura and James T Kirk are part of a rare romantic angle in the sci-fi thriller, the two actors said they hit it off well off-screen too.
"It was wonderful. Chris, by far, just blew me away in terms of his confidence and how he was able to jump from one thing to another...and those blue eyes of his, for the love of God...! The chemistry was there," Saldana, who is currently dating actor Keith Britton told PTI in an e-mail interview.
Pine too does not shy away from praising his on-screen love during an e-mail interview with PTI, calling Saldana, "a strong woman who knows how to handle herself around men."
"She's a perfect combination of beauty and brains and great talent and we had a grand old time together," said the actor. He adds, "If you're stuck in space and there is a beautiful woman on deck, that certainly doesn't mean your libido is going to die."
'Star Trek' which released in India on June 5, has already grossed USD 320 million since it's release in USA on May 8. 

The film is directed by Golden Globe winning director J J Abrams, who has super hit films and TV series like 'Mission Impossible 3' and 'Lost' to his credit.
The film was much awaited by Star Trek fans around the world as it re-united the main characters of the original 'Star Trek' television series but with a new cast.
While both Pine and Saldana were introduced to 'Star Trek' through their grandparents, Saldana says it was Steven Speilberg, who first got her hooked to the series.
"When I did 'The Terminal', Mr Spielberg sort of gave me the Trekkie documentaries for me to watch and told me what episodes to see, so that I could just have a taste of what it's like to be a Trekie (a devoted Star Trek fan). That was my introduction into 'Star Trek'. But I became a fan of the fans," said 30-year-old Saldana who was born to Dominican parents in New Jersey but grew up in the Caribbean.
Both the actors are separated by generations from the 'Star Trek' age of the 1960's and said that they wanted to interpret the iconic characters in their own way while keeping the original spirit intact.
"J J wanted us to watch all the series and study the characters but he was very adamant about us not mimicking the first actors that portrayed these roles. Then we would have forgotten about Uhura and Spock and Kirk and everything and it would have been a William Shatner mimic," said Saldana.

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