Males follow older siblings' example in drinking

Males follow older siblings' example in drinking

Ryan McAndrew, of Queensland University of Technology  School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, said that of those surveyed, males aged three, four and five years older than their brothers influenced drinking levels.

“Siblings within one to two years of age may see their older siblings as more of an equal than one who possesses power.

“They will, therefore, be less likely to be influenced by them but older siblings are close enough to have a high frequency of contact, and old enough for the younger sibling to see them as an authority figure,” said McAndrew.  The study of young adults aged 18 to 30 looked at the age, gender and cultural influences of siblings in influencing drinking behaviours.  McAndrew said overall siblings exerted a “force” in alcohol consumption.

“The results found that the aspect of “masculinity” in an all male sibship was significantly associated with alcohol consumption.  “It is likely that sibling rivalry elicits competitive actions by the sibling pair, as drinking is associated with physical stamina and prowess, a male pair may engage in drinking to see who can drink the most.” 

“Binge drinking is of particular concern with increasing levels of alcohol-related harm, including hospitalisation, unwanted sexual activity and drink driving being reported.”

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