Harmony's Helicopters

Harmony's Helicopters

Strangled by a muddle of roots and gruesome grey green muck, the sunbeam yellow of the tiny lily turned pale, like bloodless bone but aching with submerged silver and gold spangles.

And around this flower hiding under water cover, a band of squirrels with their shimmering, shining silver-grey-beige tails dashed around madly like helicopters of harmony! Singing out the only kind of twittering truly welcome in this world!

They were ready to eat up a breakfast of oat bread and even healthier peanuts. Squirrel sense was too hard to ignore and has to be imitated. Just scampering away from the demons of dread, boors and bores, is healthy sense of the highest order.
The awesome innocence that peanut pampered squirrels gift to you, is also the quickest, FBI kind of expert solution to go for, to get back every sapphire, rhinestone and platinum bracelet of words floundering fattened malice and petty powers.

Pics and text: Daksha Hathi

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