Director walks out

Director walks out

tiff The Rajdhani team.

The reasons are still unknown but sources say Raghu had a tiff with producer N R Soumya Satyan on financial issues.

Almost 85 per cent of the film is complete and people on the sets informed that only a fight sequence and some patch up work is remaining. With no director on board, Soumya is said to have asked the fight master to direct the sequence for now.

While the director was not available for comment, Yash, one of the actors in the film says, “I don’t know what has happened exactly. Even I am hearing a lot of things. But the film is almost done and we know that the fight master Ravi is directing the remaining sequence. So far the film has come out really well and we can only wait and see what happens next.”

The story of Rajdhani is about five youngsters, who take a wrong path and spoil their lives, but soon they realise their mistake and want to mend their ways. The film also stars Chetan, Chandru, Sathya, Sandeep and Ravitej.