Thackeray opposes caste-based census

Thackeray opposes caste-based census

"Caste-based census would be detrimental...there would be fissures in the country," Thackeray told reporters at Matoshree, his residence in suburban Bandra, after releasing the 'Sena Diary'.

Thackeray's stance is in stark contrast to that of senior leaders of ally BJP, including Gopinath Munde, who support caste-based census.

The Sena chief, an avid cricket lover, also ridiculed Indian cricket players, saying they became 'zero' in World Cup. "Our players play well during IPL T20 matches but came a cropper during the World Cup," he said.

"Why can't these players play well for their country," Thackeray said.
The Sena chief also said his party would win two Legislative Council seats in next month's elections.

Supporting caste census, senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde has said it would not divide people but help estimate actual population of OBCs in the country and highlight plight of the poor.

"Caste census will not divide the people but give justice to the poor people and also help estimate the real population of the OBCs," Munde said.

"Such an exercise was undertaken last in 1931 and after that, there has been no statistical support to verify the estimated 52 per cent OBC population," Munde said.

In 2007, the government admitted that it did not have authentic figures in absence of OBC census when the Supreme Court asked for its view on OBC population during the 27 per cent reservation issue in IITs, Munde said.