Shopping with mommy

Shopping with mommy

together Daughters mostly find their mothers’ advice valuable while shopping.

No relationship is more intense than that of a mother and daughter. Although mothers are considered as daughters’ best friends, there are times when they drive their daughters crazy. This happens especially while shopping. For girls, shopping with their mothers can be a hit or miss. Some love their mothers’ company while others take it as a matter of survival and endurance.

The whole shopping experience becomes pleasant for girls when their mothers don’t force their opinions on them. There are times when conflicts arise over fashion, varied tastes and when mothers feel the need to compete with their daughters. Harsha, currently pursuing a post graduation course says, “I mostly don’t go shopping with my mother as I end up compromising with my choices. I like to go alone."

Sumitha says, “People compliment my mother’s dressing sense so I take her along. She prefers traditional dresses and I like modern ones. Even if I fight with her, it is she who ultimately wins.” Sumitha’s mother Usha says, “I give my daughter complete freedom. I like shopping with her. But sometimes when she makes horrible choices, I have to say no.
Otherwise, I let her buy whatever she wants without any financial restrictions.” Bhuvana, a housewife says, “I like shopping with my daughter. I get to know the latest trends from her and she helps me out in buying things. We do have disagreements but that’s just a passing cloud.”

To make the shopping experience a memorable one, Ramani, a banker says, “Both the mother and daughter should bridge the generation gap by mutual discussion and should show tolerance for each other’s views. They should make it a point never to lose temper whatever the provocation. Although suggestions can be given by each other for the purchases, final choice should be given to the person who is going to use the material.”

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