Moods of metro

Moods of metro

Moods of metro

Monkeying around

Given our ancestral roots, monkeys too have a claim over the City. 

At least, they seem to know it, going by the way they monkey around in the City with impunity. 

They’re spotted strutting about on the rooftops. 

They barge into houses through any open window and walk away with whatever they can lay their hands on. 

 Bitter Simian fights often give onlookers jitters.

Our lensman scouted the City and caught these pranksters in action. 

 There was one monkey who very kindly helped himself to some peanuts offered to him.   

He seemed to love the gesture for he looked rather pleasant.    Another was seen relishing some eatable. 

 While yet another was found sitting in serene majesty atop a full bloomed gulmohar tree.

Two other snarling monkeys seemed to be in a bitter argument, almost on the verge of getting into a physical fight. And yet another was seen plucking something that looked like a maaza from a child’s hand and getting
away with it.