'Eggs'emplary dishes on a platter

'Eggs'emplary dishes on a platter

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'Eggs'emplary dishes on a platter

Dhanaraj, who came to the City to make a living all the way from Nalanda district in Bihar, started this eating joint six years ago keeping in mind the large North Indian crowd in the area. As the business started flourishing, his brothers also joined him.

In this short span, Dhanaraj earned a good number of customers thanks to his friendly nature and the diverse menu.

Ande Ka Funda, which has some exclusive items made out of eggs, offers exotic menu ranging from hot parathas to thanda lassi. “About 60 per cent of my clients are North Indians as they prefer parathas and chapathis over rice items. This locality is crammed with many eating places, still we are doing good business due to the ‘youngsters-friendly’ menu.”

“We update our menu chart regularly according to their tastes. I have included many new items on their suggestion,” says Dhanaraj.

When asked about the peculiar name of the eatery, Rajanikanth, younger brother of Dhanaraj, quickly says, “Perhaps, my brother liked the song Aao Sikhao Tumein Ande Ka Funda from the movie Jodi No 1 which describes the importance of eggs in our diet.” Though the eatery is confined itself to fast food, it has never fell short of customers at any time of the day. Egg rolls, egg burji, egg paratha, egg sandwich are the fast moving items along with the sweet and salty lassi. Students, who regularly turn up to the eatery discuss everything from college gossip to politics as they place their order. Dhanaraj and his men prepare dishes according to individual tastes.

“One of them likes roasted parathas and another wants more sugar in the lassi. We are used to their tastebuds and serve the items the way they want it to be,” says Bittu from the eatery.

“What I like the most about this place is the friendly behaviour of the employees. They liberally use eggs and provide us any amount of sauce and curry. And they don’t complain even if we sit here for long after having the food,” says Madhumitha Mallick, a regular customer.